How To Configure The Mini60 Bluetooth Module

A few people asked me about installing a Bluetooth Module in the Mini60 / Sark100 Antenna Analyzer. This page shows how to configure the BT module for use with Android Mini60.apk

First of all, there is no way to set a specific MAC-Address via AT-Command. It is only possible by using PSTools which is part of Bluesuite from CSR. But nevertheless it is possible to use a aftermarket BT module in Mini60.

Things we need:

The first thing to do, is to configure the Bluetooth module to be what you want it to be, and say what you want it to say.


Setting up the Connection

Wire up the USB Serial interface to the Bluetooth module, such that the 3V3 Pin is connected to Pin 12 (+) and GND to Pin 13 (-) and the data lines are crossed (serial TX to Bluetooth RX and visa-versa). There should be a total of 4 wires:

The software I am using to communicate with the Bluetooth module via USB Serial is HTerm, Other programs may work, but i have trouble
to get them working with virtual Com-Ports.

Find the virtual Com-Port that was added when you connect your USB/TTL interface.


Most slave modules defaults to a default speed of 9600. The very standard configuration of 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity and no flow-control is used. Classically called 9600 8-N-1 as can be seen above. They do not need carriage return (\r) and line feed (\n) in my individual case.

If it is not working for you, you can change the CR/LF setting in the "Input control" window.

Once you're ready, type in AT and press ENTER the module should return "ATOK". If it doesn't, then something is wrong. Note that you must NOT be connected to the device by Bluetooth at this point, otherwise you'll not get any response. Fiddle and play until you can get "ATOK" back. AT is the command set you'll be using, and the OK tells you that the Bluetooth module is ready and understands the input.

Once you get "ATOK" back in the "Received Data" Windows then you're in business.

Setting up the Connection Speed

The Baudrate which must be used in MINI60 is set via "AT+BAUD7" to 57600 Baud. From now on you have to change the Baudrate in HTerm to 57600 if you like to connect to the module for other configuration work.

Setting up the Bluetooth Name

It is not nessecary to change the default name of the Bluetooth module. It is more cosmetically. Vendorname is i. e. BC04-B, but you can change it to "MINI60 ANT" to look more original, but you can use anything you want.

The AT command you will need to set the name of the Bluetooth module is AT+NAMEname where name is MINI60 ANT or something you want to use. You can also copy and paste this text from elsewhere (Notepad). You should get a OKsetname in the "Received Data" Window.