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How to configure a Bluetooth module in Mini60


How to install a Bluetooth module in Mini60


Scroll down for some pictures from various Mini60 and clones

and for Downloadlinks as well.

PCB Pictures




V2 disassembled

and this is the clone from the clone from the ....

Super Mini SWR Analyzer

and this is the inside view

obviously prepared for BT Module as well. As far as i know

this Analyzer is not offered with soldered BT Module.


And so it may look if BT Module is soldered.

another Clone is the Gulfstream GA60

again a clone


BT module


Software for Sark100-Mini60-MR100-MR300 and other clones.


Download Windows WinPCC-Sark100 V1.0.01

The following Android App works with any Mini60, Sark100 and all the other clones.

Even if you fitted the BT module yourself.

Download Android Mini60.rar

Install Android Mini60.apk directly from here

New Version compiled 07/16. This is the most recent Version i know about. Reworked 05/17

Looks like there are some issues with this Version. If it does not work for you please try the version above.


If you encounter any problems, feel free to send mail.

FYI, i am not the developer of this App.

If you own a Mini60 - etc. with preassembled BT-Modul you can also use the Android App from here.

It should work as long as your BT MAC address match one of four
which are programmed in the App.

Find mail at